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What do we do

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We provide consultancy and commercial support in sales and for product sourcing operations, mainly in the world of proteins and related raw materials.

Working closely with producers in Europe and South America, we help them increase the value of their production from bone-in carcass to anatomical cuts, including offal and leathers.

Mappa dei Mercati di Vendita

Our constant presence in global markets together with in-depth technical knowledge of the products we have developed allow us to protect and optimise the interests of our partners.


It is precisely on this well-rooted and vertically integrated basis that we also shared our knowhow as a sourcing partner, aiming at small-medium distribution chains, wholesalers, food services, sausage factories and producers .. as well as biomedical industries, feed mills and tanneries.


We’ve also recently developed a branch focusing on marketing fruit and vegetables, with the same company philosophy that involves a very careful and precise selection of the products and producers.

Pelle di Mucca

Our volumes 2017-2018

Meat Fruit
Bovine Pork Other Leather Citrus fruits Kiwi
2017 3.803 TONS 531 TONS 10 TONS 1.455 TONS 24 TONS 149 TONS
2018 3.803 TONS 462 TONS 23 TONS 1.653 TONS 137 TONS 143 TONS
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Grafica Brand


Sales Manager, Pork Poultry & Fruit

Andrea Rubbiani

Sales Manager, Offal, by products and Leather

Stefano Bertozzi

Sales Manager, Beef Meat & Offal, Fruit

Simone Borri

Europe Area Manager Meat & Offal

Alessandra Solazzi

Administration and Logistics

Francesca Casolari

Administration and Logistics

Giulia Veratti

Marketing and Project Manager

Davide Liperoti

Hong Kong & China Area Manager Meat&Fruit

Jerry Lin